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Let’s cook in season, it’s July!

Harvested immaturely, courgettes make a great ingredient in any dish with its flowers creating great edible garnishes.

COOK IN SEASON THIS MONTH: COURGETTE / ZUCCHINI Others: Aubergine, Asparagus, Basil, Cherries, Strawberries, Garlic and Watermelons Courgette spaghetti, courgette bread, courgette pie, grilled courgette or even roasted, there are so...
6th July 2017

Let’s cook in season, it’s March!

Let's cook Seasonal, use the most beautiful and colourful fruit & veg. Cabbages are a cheap vegetable and a predominant part of European cuisine.

IN SEASON THIS MONTH: CABBAGE Other Veg: Leeks, Spring Greens, Kale & Cauliflower Cabbages are a cheap vegetable and a predominant part of European cuisine. With the ability to be pickled,...
4th March 2017

Albanian Pies

With the in-laws here (and eating more Albanian pies then normal!) I have been learning about the different types of pie in our hometown in Albania.

Here, in England a pie is a deep filled pastry serving filled with meats and potatoes. But, Albanian pies are different as there are many different types, all very different from...
18th January 2016

The all important Albanian Raki

The most traditional drink I know is the Albanian Raki and it is commonly served to the older male visitors although there are some places that still serve Maize or Ouzo too.

To get a good batch of Albanian Raki it goes through a fermentation and distillation process although the slightest mistake can ruin the full batch, often called ‘soft Raki’. My father...
4th November 2015

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