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Tavë me Presh ska Mish

Meatless Leek Bake

A meatless dish using a combination of leeks and red peppers to bring through natural sweetness, baked with rice creating...
4th November 2017

Arra të Mbushura me Fik

Walnut Stuffed Figs (with Fig Syrup)

A delicious combination of soft figs and crunchy walnuts paired together beautifully with a simple fig syrup.
16th October 2017

Beetroot Pie

Byrek me Panxhar | Pite me Panxhar

Nothing fills you up more then one of Albania's most tasty and comforting classic dishes. This flaky pastry pie is stuffed full of mince, onion and potatoes with a warming...
30th August 2017

Lakror me Kungull

Summer Squash Pie

Using one of summers most delicious vegetables this crust-less pie has a sweet taste of summer while being quick, easy and cheap to make.
21st August 2017

Chicken Kebabs

Shishqebap me Mish Pule

Beautifully tender chicken with Albanian Salami on skewers forming a delicious combination of textures complimented with spicy and smokey flavours.
27th June 2017


Soda Bread

A quick to make, firm and dense textured bread with an amazing sweet cake aroma made using just a few simple ingredients.
21st May 2017


Honey and Nut Cake

Fresh baked dough sweetened with honey, filled with walnuts and soaked in a simple syrup mixture.
3rd May 2017

Supë me Mish

Meat and Pasta Soup

Lamb, carrots, onions and soup pasta simmered together in a light sauce made from meat juices and tomato puree.
18th April 2017

Dolma Japrak

Stuffed Vine Leaves

Refreshing rolled vine leaves stuffed with minced lamb, onions, rice, herbs and seasonings, simmered until tender and delicious.
7th April 2017

Presh me Oriz

Leek and Rice Bake

Create this leek and rice bake with ease. Sweet leeks with onion, mince and rice all baked together in one dish. A simple and cheap family meal.
15th March 2017

Qofte të Fërguara

Fried Meatballs

These little herby meatballs of delight are a tasty combination of lamb and herbs, seasoned with paprika, then gently fried until golden.
9th March 2017

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