Byrek is known as the street food of the Balkans, dating back to the Ottoman Era and most believing that it originates in what is now known as Turkey. Pronounced with many variations Byrek, Burek and Borek, in Albanian some Pite or Lakror’s are also referred to as Byrek. Albanian Byrek fillings are most often savoury with Spinach Byrek being the most common. The other common types found in the Balkans are Cheese Byrek (more often made with gjizë, cottage cheese), Meat Byrek (Mish), Potato Byrek, Yogurt Byrek (Kos), Pumpkin Byrek (Kungull) and then using Nettles, Cabbage, Courgettes and Leeks will often be found too.

Planning Albanian Meals

With many days to celebrate in the calendar - the Albanian Independence Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day amongst the most popular ones to name it's great to have a big Albanian meal to share with family and friends.

With my Albanian family visiting this New Years Day we are having a repeat of our Albanian meals planned back from the Albanian Independence Day that we recognised in November....
31st December 2016

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