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Let’s cook in season, it’s July!

Harvested immaturely, courgettes make a great ingredient in any dish with its flowers creating great edible garnishes.

COOK IN SEASON THIS MONTH: COURGETTE / ZUCCHINI Others: Aubergine, Asparagus, Basil, Cherries, Strawberries, Garlic and Watermelons Courgette spaghetti, courgette bread, courgette pie, grilled courgette or even roasted, there are so...
6th July 2017

Love Stews? Love Yorkshire Puddings!

If you love stews and casseroles and you haven't been dunking delicious (and totally addictive!) basic Yorkshire puddings into them then you've been missing out!

When I first served these basic Yorkshire puddings to my in-laws I got some funny looks. The idea of eating cooked batter with a juicy meat stew did not appeal,...
24th February 2017

Let’s cook in season, it’s February!

Seasonal cooking allows you to use the most beautiful, colourful & fresh fruit & veg. Let's cook what's in season this month and create some delicious Albanian recipes.

IN SEASON THIS MONTH: LEEKS Other Veg: Carrots, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Cabbage & Kale Leeks have a natural sweetness, a subtle onion flavour and this can make some great sweet...
1st February 2017

Planning Albanian Meals

With many days to celebrate in the calendar - the Albanian Independence Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day amongst the most popular ones to name it's great to have a big Albanian meal to share with family and friends.

With my Albanian family visiting this New Years Day we are having a repeat of our Albanian meals planned back from the Albanian Independence Day...
31st December 2016

Homemade Albanian Bread

Every morning during our visits to Albania, my father in law takes a morning stroll (or cycle) down to the local village bakery. Homemade bread (Albanian Bukë) served in small outlets each day is a tradition that you will see in all villages.

Albanian Bread is served with every Albanian meal and although wheat bread is mostly served, traditionally Bukë Misri (Corn bread) would have been served instead or at...
17th November 2016

Quick Dinners: Simple Seasoned Salmon

Salmon is one of my favourite fish types that I cook with frequently, at least once a week. It can be pan fried, grilled or oven baked and with just a rough 20 minute cooking time, it makes a perfect quick (and healthy) dinner option.

When my Albanian family are visiting it’s not just Albanian food I cook and we eat, I like to mix it up with a vareity of other dishes with ingredients...
24th October 2016

Spatchcock Chicken, I did it!

Today I had a go at cooking a spatchcock chicken, spatchcocking my whole chicken myself before cooking. And, surprising at how easy and little time it took (all of 1 minute) it is a big achievement for me.

For those who don’t know me personally, through my childhood I was a nightmare eater. I would not touch any food if I didn’t know I already...
6th September 2016

Homemade Filo Pastry

Some Albanian recipes work better with the homemade touch. Homemade filo pastry is quick and easy to make!

I’ve always used ready rolled filo pastry but in Albania this can be difficult to find so instead my mother-in-law taught me how to make homemade filo pastry. I was...
2nd July 2016

Albanian Pies

With the in-laws here (and eating more Albanian pies then normal!) I have been learning about the different types of pie in our hometown in Albania.

Here, in England a pie is a deep filled pastry serving filled with meats and potatoes. But, Albanian pies are different as there are many different types, all very different from...
18th January 2016

Is it a drink or pudding?

Albanian hot chocolate (Cokollatë e Nxehtë) is a thick, gooey chocolate drink that has to be eaten with a spoon, more like a dessert, but it's all part of the fun! It really does taste like a melted bar of chocolate served in a cup, it's that delicious!

A tradition that you see everywhere in Albania is people sitting in cafes drinking coffees and not so long ago this would be dominated by...
26th November 2015

The all important Albanian Raki

The most traditional drink I know is the Albanian Raki and it is commonly served to the older male visitors although there are some places that still serve Maize or Ouzo too.

To get a good batch of Albanian Raki it goes through a fermentation and distillation process although the slightest mistake can ruin the full batch, often called ‘soft Raki’. My father...
4th November 2015

A Trio of Chicken Marinades

These three marinades are my favourite ones, they all compliment each other and you can serve more then one flavour together.

There are so many chicken marinades that I have found, tried and tweaked to my liking. I have always used ingredients that are easily sourced, especially in Albania. These chicken...
21st October 2015

Albanian Meze

Traditionally in Albania, when you have dinner guests round you would serve an Albanian Meze (Mezze) style dinner.

Albanian Meze is a selection of finger foods for each individual on a plate, surrounded by other sharing side dishes. Throughout the meal meats, fish...
1st October 2015

A Garden of Herbs

All those wonderful fresh Albanian herbs translated into English to help you find the right ingredients.

You will notice that across north and south Albania, city to city and even in some cases village to village the words used for Albanian herbs will vary. There is...
1st September 2015

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