Cooking with Albanian Salami, Sujuk

Did you know that there is a day dedicated to Salami? September 7th is National Salami Day - so it must be good, right?

Albanian Salami is known as Sujuk (Suxhuk in some areas) and is a popular dry, spicy sausage eaten throughout the Balkans. Sausage casing is stuffed...
7th September 2017

National Burek Day #nationalburekday

Join the campaign on social media and share your Burek photos or favourite recipes with the tag #nationalburekday

Everyone loves a good “National ‘pick your own’ Day” including us here at myalbanianfood. It’s become a popular trend and a great way to get something everyone loves the appreciation...
23rd August 2017

The Burek Day Festival

“Buregdžijada” (Dani Burek) started back in 2004 in Serbia where the making, baking and eating of Burek is celebrated.

Back in 2004 in Serbia, the Burek Day festival where the making, baking and eating of Burek is celebrated began. Taking place late August to early September bakers from Serbia,...
20th August 2017

Beautifully Constructed Mes Bridge, Shkoder

Built in the 18th century to connect Shkoder to North Albania. This 108m, multi arch, round stone built bridge is one of Albania's hidden gems.

A bit of time to spare saw us take the short 15 minute road trip from the city of Shkoder to Mes Bridge – Ura...
1st August 2017

Quick Dinners: Egg Stuffed Peppers

Roasted peppers with a baked egg on top is a healthy, delicious and brilliant way to enjoy a wholesome meal that can be made to suit your taste.

The great thing that I love about these egg stuffed peppers is that you can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One of my all time favourite Albanian dishes...
14th July 2017

Let’s cook in season, it’s July!

Harvested immaturely, courgettes make a great ingredient in any dish with its flowers creating great edible garnishes.

COOK IN SEASON THIS MONTH: COURGETTE / ZUCCHINI Others: Aubergine, Asparagus, Basil, Cherries, Strawberries, Garlic and Watermelons Courgette spaghetti, courgette bread, courgette pie, grilled courgette or even roasted, there are so...
6th July 2017

Recipe Review: Homemade Potato Pancakes

During my search for some recipes that are simple to make, use few ingredients and would be perfect to make while visiting the family in Albania I came across Potato Pancakes.

There are a lot of recipes out there but one that caught my eye was this lovely potato pancake recipe posted by Natasha’s Kitchen. Mash...
28th June 2017

5 Albanian pudding recipes to bake at home

Highly addictive, cheap, tasty and very simple Albanian cakes. In fact, very addictive so don’t count on having just one slice.

Just when you thought you’ve tried every pudding… The lack of wealth in Albania can been seem through the simplicity of Albanian puddings. Yet, Albanian puddings will make you see...
20th March 2017

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