5 Albanian pudding recipes to bake at home

Highly addictive, cheap, tasty and very simple Albanian cakes. In fact, very addictive so don’t count on having just one slice.

Just when you thought you’ve tried every pudding… The lack of wealth in Albania can been seem through the simplicity of Albanian puddings. Yet, Albanian puddings will make you see...
20th March 2017

Let’s cook in season, it’s March!

Let's cook Seasonal, use the most beautiful and colourful fruit & veg. Cabbages are a cheap vegetable and a predominant part of European cuisine.

IN SEASON THIS MONTH: CABBAGE Other Veg: Leeks, Spring Greens, Kale & Cauliflower Cabbages are a cheap vegetable and a predominant part of European cuisine. With the ability to be pickled,...
4th March 2017

Love Stews? Love Yorkshire Puddings!

If you love stews and casseroles and you haven't been dunking delicious (and totally addictive!) basic Yorkshire puddings into them then you've been missing out!

When I first served these basic Yorkshire puddings to my in-laws I got some funny looks. The idea of eating cooked batter with a juicy...
24th February 2017

Let’s cook in season, it’s February!

Seasonal cooking allows you to use the most beautiful, colourful & fresh fruit & veg. Let's cook what's in season this month and create some delicious Albanian recipes.

IN SEASON THIS MONTH: LEEKS Other Veg: Carrots, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Cabbage & Kale Leeks have a natural sweetness, a subtle onion flavour and this can make some great sweet...
1st February 2017

Planning Albanian Meals

With many days to celebrate in the calendar - the Albanian Independence Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day amongst the most popular ones to name it's great to have a big Albanian meal to share with family and friends.

With my Albanian family visiting this New Years Day we are having a repeat of our Albanian meals planned back from the Albanian Independence Day that we recognised in November....
31st December 2016

Quick Dinners: Albanian Inspired Pasta Coating

The best part of this Albanian inspired pasta coating is that you can use fresh ingredients or dried herbs to create two great tastes.

In Albania pasta is normally coated in a homemade pasta coating of butter (gjalpë) and eaten plain. This butter melts over the pasta and therefore...
23rd December 2016

Quick Dinners: Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Whenever we have chicken in Albania it is normally boiled and then served with rice (sometimes cooked in the oven with rice to make pilaf).

I like using chicken to make quick dinners such as Fajitas but stuffed chicken breasts in a variety of ways means that you can serve it with salads and side...
27th November 2016

Homemade Albanian Bread

Every morning during our visits to Albania, my father in law takes a morning stroll (or cycle) down to the local village bakery. Homemade bread (Albanian Bukë) served in small outlets each day is a tradition that you will see in all villages.

Albanian Bread is served with every Albanian meal and although wheat bread is mostly served, traditionally Bukë Misri (Corn bread) would have been served instead or at least alongside.  I find the...
17th November 2016

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